Memorable Meetings

At one of our recent meetings, we enjoyed the atmosphere of a 1795 meeting.

The illumination was provided in the same way as back then. Candles and Kero lamps. It did raise the Lodge temperature to 88 degrees with no heat turned on.

On December27th 1795, a Mason spoke to Franklin Lodge #37. That Mason was RW James E. Mott, 1771-1850, counsellor at Law & Master of said Lodge. His presentation was to point out the arduous task ahead in his new job, Master.

His summary of the speech historically outlining Freemasonry:

“…my brethren, let us continue to bless the memory of our founders – perhaps their gentle spirits are now hovering around this sacred abode, consecrated to peace – to philanthropy – to piety! How much must it add to their felicity to behold the enlightened gratitude of their followers!”

What a night!!


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